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Chicago Underground Duo - Age of Energy

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Chicago Underground Duo - Age of Energy - CD
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This year marks a milestone for the Chicago Underground Duo. It is their 15th year together as a band. In celebration of this momentous occasion they have released a new record on a brand new label.

Age of Energy is Chad Taylor and Rob Mazurek’s sixth release as Chicago Underground Duo and the twelfth release in the Chicago Underground catalog. Developed during 2009 when the duo toured the east and west coasts, most of the material on the record was recorded live with very few overdubs. Thematically, Age of Energy is concerned with the balance between controlled and uncontrolled experiences. Computers, keyboards and drum machines pulse alongside ancient instruments like the African Mbira. ‘Winds and Sweeping Pines’ opens with Chad and Rob playing synthesizers and electronics, gradually as the piece develops, Chad switches to drums and Rob switches to cornet and they improvise over a blistering bass vamp in classic Chicago Underground Duo style. ‘It’s Alright’ is a piece making extensive use of electroacoustics, starting with a drone which incorporates extreme high and low frequencies. The electronics are overdriven with results of both known and unknown nature. ‘Castle In Your Heart’ is based on a traditional Shona song from Zimbabwe and constitutes the only acoustic composition. ‘Age of Energy’ alternates between a 21/8 and a 12/8 rhythmic cycle over a dissonant pedal point. This track was also recorded live in the studio, without any overdubs.

Featured Artists:

Rob Mazurek: cornet, electronics, voice
Chad Taylor: drums, mbira, drum machine, electronics
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